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Country Girl City

I grew up on a dirt road that followed the wanderings of a creek (pronounced crik 😉). My dad built our house on a hillside that overlooked more hills and if I walked up the fields behind our house, I could make it to the top of our hill. I climbed trees with my schoolbooks and did my homework there. I collected eggs from our chickens whose house I helped my dad build. I helped set the posts and string the wire for our livestock pasture. Then I grew up and raised four boys in a house that we built on a hillside and the story repeats:  collect the eggs, set the posts, string the wire, and milk the cows. I'm country through and through. But, this old country girl went to Paris, the most known city of cities throughout the world, with all the hustle and bustle and noise and absolutely l.o.v.e.d. it!!

If you are reading this and you read my last post from months ago (geesh!) you might remember that I said I would continue with posts about my trip, and then I disappeared.
Because I am…

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