Are there Wool Flowers Growing In Your Garden?

 I had no idea till this Spring when I was sorting through all things seeds, garden, and soil that there is an actual “wool flower”. Did you know?

Wool flower is its common name. I enjoy calling my flowers and herbs by their common name, seems more friendly that way. But undoubtedly, if you are a flower-lover, you will recognize it’s botanical name of Celosia. Celosia flowers are part of the Amaranth family. 

I’ve grown celosia in its many varieties many times but had never heard it referred to as a wool flower. I’m taking on the mantle of bringing this sweet common name out of obscurity and suggesting that it needs to be the rug hookers mascot😁 Who is with me? 

There are quite a few flowers known by names that have a link to textiles and handwork. I've listed the ones I know and some of which are growing in my garden this year. I'd love to know if there are more so if you have any additions please leave them in the comments below.

Wool flower

Lace flower and Queen Anne’s Lace

Button bush 

Bachelor’s button

Thimble flower and Witches Thimble


Pincushion flower

Needle flower

Floss flower

Knit Bone herb 

Tweedia - took a little liberty here but I couldn't resist a flower with the word "tweed" in it for all of us wool lovers😉😍

Cottage Pinks - my final addition to the list is not as obvious but I do believe it needs a mention due to the nod towards pinking shears. Did you know that Cottage Pinks do not get their name from the color pink? "Pinks" refers to that elevated cutting tool known as pinking shears. The frilly edges of the cottage pink bloom look like they were cut with a pair of pinking shears. 

It would be fun to plant a garden full of flowers named after what can be found in our work baskets. I currently am growing floss flowers not because I’m overly fond of the flower ( not sure yet) but because I couldn’t resist its name. Now Pincushion flower is a different story. I love them. They truly look like a pincushion stuffed with pins, even down to the little pin head. 

As rug hookers and workers with wool, we’ve hooked our fair share of wool flowers into our designs. Some of you may have taken classes on making flowers out of wool. Next Spring I’m hoping some of you will join me in growing wool flowers too!

Floss Flower
Pincushion Flower
Wool Flower


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