Miss March Hare

Greetings from windy and wet Berks County Pa as March makes herself known

with three straight rainy days. 

 This truly was the winter that wasn't as far as snow accumulation goes. I am

always wishing and hoping for heaps of snow, and although there were a few

days when flurries danced in the air, not once did I need to put on my snow


Enough of my winter druthers, what about my latest rug pattern? I have struggled 

with this pattern since the beginning of March and here we are at the end of the 

month and finally I'm happy with this sweet little rug. She started out with

the same two design elements, a rabbit and a flower. They've been bigger, they've 

been smaller, they've been surrounded by a small border, then a large border 

until I stripped it all away, reduced the size, and just accented with a single row 

of one of my favorite "barely there" greens. Miss March Hare is the name of the 

pattern and is listed in my Etsy shop both as a paper pattern to be mailed or as a 

PDF digital ready for immediate download.

I have to give credit for my final rug design to a remark made on a Youtube video 

from Root Design Company.  "To me brown and green is the aesthic of March...if we 

are to take our cues from nature, well brown and green it is."

Bingo! I knew right away how I wanted to finish the rug.

I had the brown in the rabbit and the green of the flower but a single row of

green is what was needed to set off the rug without diving into complicated.

Thanks Root Design Company!

If you love gardening and growing your own bouquets and 

haven't met the two sisters behind Root Design Company I invite you to sit with 

their inspiring videos. I think you will enjoy the time spent with them. I know I 


Here's a link to the video mentioned but you will want to go beyond and watch all 

of their content! Maybe even try one of their classes.

link to Root Design Company


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