Crooked River Hooktoberfest

My thanks to all the members of the Crooked River Rug Hookers for a wonderful day spent at your first annual hook-in, Hooktoberfest. All your planning and hard work resulted in a great day spent with friends old and new, surrounded by beautiful wools, awesome rugs for inspiration, good food, and lots of fun chatter.

Hooktoberfest Raffle Rug
The guild offered me an opportunity to do a demonstration of my favorite edging. I love to share and teach so it was a fun experience for me. The vendors had beautiful offerings. I wish I had been able to get around to visit more of them. Larry Ault was right across from my booth and I kept eyeing up his hooks. My hand has been under strain with my current hooks. My thought has been that I needed something thinner, kind of like what is known as a pencil hook. Larry hooked me up! He had a pencil style large primitive hook and it’s so comfy to use. He recommends that we switch up our hooks to avoid a tired strain on the hand so I’m passing that advice along. I had been doing that but all my hooks are thicker than my new Ault hook so now when I switch up, there’s a real difference.

Have fun looking at my photos. I want to share a few shots of rugs but I don’t have names of the artists. If you recognize anyone’s rug, please let me know and I'll add their name.

Caroline Twigg from Eagles Nest Woolens. Our booths were side by side and enjoyed getting to know Caoline and her assistant, Teresa. 
One of the rugs from Eagles Nest Woolens.
Beautiful friends, so supportive of my endeavors, stopping by for a visit in my booth. 
Talking shop 😉

I love this! If anyone knows the name of the maker, please contact me so I can give credit for this beautiful creation. I included the show tag in the photo so I'd have the name but there is too much glare on the tag to read it. 
My booth
Lauren and Melissa's awesome jewelry was a big hit! I have several of their pieces and love them.
Happy shoppers!
This rug was created by Connie Bradley. It won a blue ribbon at the Lorain County Fair. Congrats!
....and yes, I'd love to take a walk down this snowy lane and walk right in for a cup of coffee!

To all of you who sponsor Hook-Ins across the country, thank you so very much, for providing rug hookers and vendors a place to gather and learn from each other!


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